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Thermal Delivery Bags – Keep Your Customers Food Hot/Cold

Icegreen Custom Thermal Bags

As lockdowns continue across Canada, many of us are looking for convenient options to stay home and have prepared food and groceries delivered to us.

As home food delivery becomes more and more popular, businesses are looking for unique and innovative ways to safely package their food – one possible solution is to custom design a reusable thermal bag.

Our custom thermal bags can keep items hot or cold for up to 3 hours – Icegreen insulated lunch bags are perfect for keeping your customers’ produce crisp, their grocery items cold or their prepared meal items tasting hot and fresh.

When carrying hot items, custom designing your own thermal bag allows you to add metal grommets to release excess steam, which helps to avoid condensation build up or sogginess.

Using insulated lunch bags for food while grocery shopping keeps your produce cool in summer and protects frozen foods on the drive home. Thermal bags for food also keep take-out or delivery items warm or hot.

We work with grocery stores, pizza chains, take-out restaurants, catering companies, food delivery companies, farm-to-table businesses and juice companies to help them create and design a custom-made, custom-printed insulated thermal bag with their own unique branding.

These insulated bags could be returned for re-use, given to the customer to grow brand awareness, or used to create loyalty programs.

At ICEGREEN, we see ourselves as both innovators and environmentalists, creating unique, convenient bags while also using recyclable materials to ensure the smallest possible footprint.

Our reusable thermal bags are made with recyclable materials and can keep whatever you place inside hot or cold depending on your preference. ICEGREEN reusable thermal bags are great for camping, lunch bags,  travelling and much more.

Reusable thermal  bags are one of  the best ways to increase your brand visibility! Find yours today.

Canadian owned and operated, ICEGREEN is a leading international manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of thermal bags, paper bags, reusable bags and other environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

Let us help you design an eco-packaging program.

Show your customers you care about the environment

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