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Thinking of going green? Think ICEGREEN Thermal Bags

At ICEGREEN, we see ourselves as both innovators and environmentalists, creating unique, convenient bags while also using recyclable materials to ensure the smallest possible footprint.

Our reusable thermal bags are made with recyclable materials and can keep whatever you place inside hot or cold depending on your preference. ICEGREEN reusable thermal bags are great for camping, work, travelling and much more.

Having cold drinks with your soccer or baseball team? Trying to keep some beers frosty for the campsite? ICEGREEN  insulated lunch bags are perfect for keeping your meal tasting hot and fresh. Our reusable take-out pizza bags let you take home delicious food without losing the “just-cooked” freshness. The bags have openings designed to release excess steam so pizzas don’t get soggy.

Find your reusable bag today!