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Ensuring Greener & Safer Surroundings During the Pandemic: Switch to Reusable Items

Reusable items and bags

Many activities in everyday life have changed quite a bit as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many things are less straightforward than they once were from spending time with others to a trip to the grocery store. As grocery stores begin to accept reusable items again and loosen quarantine restrictions, several individuals are wondering whether reusable containers and bags are safe?

Are reusable items safe, especially during COVID?

Many people are willing to communicate in a way that is secure and socially distanced with people outside of their household again. Many stores have strictly been relying on using reusable containers and bags. But is the use of reusable containers and reusable shopping bags safe? If you follow proper food handling procedures, wear a mask and regularly wash your hands, the answer is yes.

It is true that research has shown that the current Coronavirus will live on cardboard for up to 24 hours and on plastic or stainless steel for up to three days. But the Food and Drug Administration also does not recommend wiping food packets, only washing your hands after unpacking food and constantly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in the kitchen.

This also refers to reusable containers and food bags. We have been accustomed to carrying reusable bags to the grocery store before the pandemic to discourage single-use plastic bags, back then they were widely prohibited as regulations came into effect. People are understandably hesitant about their safety now that many shops encourage customers to carry their own grocery bags again. The CDC ensures that there is very little risk of using reusable shopping bags as long as bags are properly washed after each use.

What about single use products?

Given the current scenario, it is logical to use products that are made for a single use purpose. The afterthought of many using reusable products always lingers around the deadly virus and fear of contacting the virus due the nature of the reusable product is always there and it makes sense to utilize single use plastic or other products.

However single use products have been deadly to the environment in the past and this will continue in the current and post pandemic times thus making them dangerous.

The repercussions of single use plastic

We’ve seen what our planet and our people can do by depending on single-use food goods. All these are perpetuated by the use of single-use litter from the streets and beaches burdened by single-use litter, to fence-line neighborhoods near oil refineries and ethane crackers, to frontline workers in recycling facilities who touch contaminated foodstuffs to communities living near landfills and incinerators, to the potential health consequences of having microplastics in our foods and our bodies We must counter this immediate crisis while being aware of these long-term problems as well.

So what is the way out?

While no cases have been reported to have been caused by touching contaminated surfaces, health experts warn that touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your eye, nose or mouth may potentially be a way of transmitting disease. We also accept that COVID-19 obviously exists in a transmissible form on all materials, including plastic. Therefore, reusable food products that are properly washed and sanitized, such as ceramic dishware and metal utensils, are just as healthy as single-use plastic. Indeed, reusable food ware like reusable coffee cups, containers and food bags can be even safer than disposable items, which are sometimes not sanitized prior to consumer usage.

Many restaurants have started an out of the box experiment where customers have to enroll for a monthly subscription aimed to propagate the use of reusable containers. All they need to do is pay a month subscription amount and utilize the reusable containers. Once they are done they can drop off the container at a designated spot and take back a certain amount from the restaurant from recycling the container.

A simple solution is to carry food in your own insulated lunch bags. Our insulated lunch bags maintain the highest level of unparalleled variety in any form or size of eco-friendly reusable bags. While we have unique sizes that are more often requested, all of our items are uniquely tailored for you and are made to your desired specifications, right down to the very last snap, zipper or pocket and not to forget they will keep the virus at bay.

While it is natural to be anxious and fearful about these uncertain times, it is our duty to keep mother earth green and clean.

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