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New! Our Handybag Line Of Unique Reusable Bags…

Icegreen is pleased to introduce the Handybag line.

Handybags are an innovative new series of packaging products created for grocers and retailers to stock and re-sell to their customer base with the potential for full customization and private labelling.

As more and more municipalities across Canada are implementing restrictions on (or
even banning the use of) single-use plastic bags and single-use packaging,
consumers and businesses alike are looking for an easy-to-use, reusable alternative.

How many times have you forgotten your reusable bags in the car or at home?

This is where the Handybag product line saves the day.

Handybags are a series of environmentally friendly, fashion forward point-of-purchase washable reusable bags designed to look as fabulous as they work.

The Handybag product line can be private labelled and custom designed.

Your portable alternative to single-use plastic bags.

The single 1-in-1 Handybag stuffs right into a built-in pouch that is hidden on the inside of the bag so you can’t lose it. A high quality clip makes it easy to fasten onto a key ring or belt loop.

The single 1-in-1 Handybag fits easily into a pocket or purse, barely taking up any space.

Also available – 3-in-1 Pouch Bag.

Your portable alternative to single-use plastic bags. The 3-in-1 Handybag has 3 single Handybags in one.

The 3 bags stuff right into one larger built-in pouch hidden on the inside of one bag. Never lose the pouch again!