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Paper Bag Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Paper Bags

Everything you need to know about paper bags

Paper bags are the most versatile and inexpensive, biodegradable product in the market. They offer a wide range of flexibility and reduce huge amounts of the carbon footprint from the environment. Unlike plastic bags, paper bags don’t add to waste in landfills and release harmful toxins that degrade the quality of the soil and landscapes. High-quality paper bags can offer more tensile strength to carry weight compared to plastic bags. 

Besides offering various environmentally friendly options, paper bags can also be easily customized as per your needs and requirements. If you own a business then they can be one of the best traditional marketing tactic tools for your business. This way paper bags can drive attention and profit to your business. In this blog, we have covered vital facts and information that will help you determine ways you can use your brown or white paper bags on a daily basis.

Types of Paper Bags:

Paper bags come in various shapes and sizes to match all your needs and requirements.

1. Grocery bags

In comparison to single-use plastic bags, paper grocery bags comparatively have similar high tensile strength so that you can carry many products at a time.

2. Wine bags

Wine paper bags are made from sturdy paper and offer dividers to protect your wine bottles. Most wine bags are customized according to the weight and size of wine bottles. If you run a winery or retail liquor shop or company then you must consider eco-friendly wine paper bags for your product. Our brown or white paper bags can be the ultimate option for your brand promotion as logos and taglines are clearly visible with multiple imprint options.

3. Retail bags

Retail paper bags are mainly used for business purposes and are considered one the best quality paper bags in the market. These high-quality paper bags are generally made as per the needs and requirements of your business. As a business owner, you can also use these for marketing purposes. Similar to the above-mentioned bag, you can highlight your company logo and tagline on the bags, also adding unique design features including paper rope cord handles, which allows for the bag to be fully recycled.


Benefits of using paper bags

Here are some benefits that you must consider over plastic or other non-biodegradable bags.

1. Reducing toxic waste

Over the past years, plastic bags have created enough waste in the environment that might take us centuries to get rid of it. Paper bags help in reducing these toxic wastes from our natural habitat. Paper bags are biodegradable and can also be recycled again and again. 

2. Saving marine life 

Marine animals are the species that get most affected by plastic bags. Most marine animals tend to eat plastic wastes that get drowned deep in the ocean. They also get stuck near their face and resulting in the death of these species due to suffocation. Animals such as turtles, minke whales, and seabirds are most likely to get affected by plastic wastes. 

3. Cheap 

Paper bags are one of the most inexpensive products in the market. You can also purchase these white paper bags from wholesale in large quantities at reasonable and affordable prices. On the other hand, they are also cheaper than most plastic bags available in the market. By opting for paper bags you can not only save the environment but also bring ease to your pockets.  


How long can paper bags last? 

Paper bags can take roughly 4-6 weeks to decompose if kept in the right condition. They can tear easily and disintegrate when wet and can be used for composting purposes. If you are one of those who think “ How to make a brown paper bag” or “ How to make a recycled paper bag?”  Then you have landed in the right place. Paper bags have a high recycling rate compared to plastic bags.

Are paper bags good for the environment?

As a matter of fact, most paper bag waste can also help in the fertilization process by turning into fertile waste for vegetation. Moreover, these paper bags can be reused easily as they generate no pollution that can cause a serious threat to the natural habitat. Paper bags are extracted from unbleached and recycled brown kraft paper solutions that help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. Therefore, by switching to paper bags you can also help in saving huge amounts of natural sources of energy in the environment.  

How are paper bags made? 

Most customers often ask questions including “ What are paper grocery bags made of?” or “How to make different types of paper bags?” Well, we are here to answer all your questions. Paper bags are made from raw materials called cellulose fiber that is extracted from wood. These renewable and ever-growing natural resources have high mechanical strengths that can withstand heavy loads effortlessly. Furthermore, these raw materials also help in the recycling process of paper bags and can be recycled several times before they turn into bioenergy or get composted. 

In the case of climate change, paper bags can be quite effective solutions for our natural habitat. Trees tend to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in return. As a wood product paper bags can also store carbon dioxide throughout their lifetime and reduce harmful gas emissions from the environment as well.

If you would like to learn more about white paper bags or brown paper packaging or simply place an order you can contact us today for exceptional and quality services.