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Icegreen reusable bags are ideal for carrying both hot and cold items.

This cooler bag comes with an inner thermal liner which can keep food hot or cold for up to 3 hours.

Our cooler bags are non-woven and come complete with a zipper around the top of the bag for easy access, along with strong and comfortable handles for carrying convenience.


Using Cooler Bags

Reusable cooler bags are great for grocery and food outlets to sell at the checkout or deli so customers can keep their hot or cold food at the proper temperature for optimal food safety. Reusable cooler bags can also eliminate any troubles grocery delivery services and other food delivery services face when bringing customers both hot and cold foods and frozen products in the same truck.

Custom Reusable Cooler Bags can be completely customized to suit your needs!

Options include:

  • Full handles running the top to bottom of the bag
  • Printing 1 side up to 5 sides with custom logos or designs
  • Custom sizes and shapes

Contact us with your design ideas, or let our skilled team of designers work with you to come up with something great for reusable cooler bags that showcase your brand.

Reusable cooler bags are also a fantastic way to promote your customer loyalty program. Don’t have one? Create a regular customer base with a rewards program by offering incentives for bringing the cooler bags back to your store!

ICEGREEN reusable cooler bags are available in non-woven polypropylene, woven polypropylene and recycled PET materials and are recyclable where facilities exist.

Minimum quantity 1000pcs.

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Get To Know Us

IceGreen is one of the largest manufacturers of reusable, lead-free and washable thermal bags, serving a wide variety of businesses and industries both large and small (Beverage Companies, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Pharmaceuticals and much more) across North America and globally.  And, as the manufacturer, you’re dealing directly with us, saving you time and money.  Looking for the best in reusable bags and packaging?  Contact ICEGREEN today.