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A reusable wine tote for wine bottles, liquor bottles or any other glass bottle (think creatively…olive oil, jams etc.!)
An ingenious design! Our 6-bottle reusable wine tote presents your wine in a beautiful star shape and makes for the perfect gift enhancement.Available in a variety of colours, reusable wine totes can also be made to order, working double duty as a walking bill board whenever and wherever they travel. Height and width of the partitions can be customized to suit your product.

Reusable wine totes are a fantastic way to promote your Customer Loyalty program. Don’t have one? Create a regular customer base with a rewards program by offering incentives for bringing the tote bags back to your store!

All of our Non-Woven Polypropylene tote bags are made from a minimum 35% recycled content. These bags can be machine washed in cold water and line dried. Recyclable where facilities exist.

Dimensions: 14″x14″

Minimum quantity 3000pcs.