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Perfect for carrying wine and liquor bottles, our laminated non-woven reusable wine bags are an excellent alternative to non-recyclable plastic or paper bags. The laminated exterior adds a layer of water-resistant outer coating and also allows for full-colour printing.
Able to be reused again and again, these lighweight and strong Reusable Laminated Wine Bags are lead-free, contaminant free and can be machine washed in cold water and line dried.

Full length handles add strength to these bags, but are also available in regular length. Options include a reinforced recycled plastic insert for the bottom of the bag.

If you like the idea of a more user-friendly bag, we have various constructions that allow the dividers to be moved out of the way so the bags can be re-used for other products (or for larger bottles) or we can make a cross-bag divider for the 2- and 4-bottle bags (think of a diagonal line of material from one front corner to the opposite back corner!).
Also available in various sizes:
6-bottle wine bags, 4-bottle wine bags, 2-bottle wine bags and single-bottle wine bag.

Minimum quantity: 3000


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Not the design you were looking for? Let us know and we would be happy to help you design the perfect wine bag for your product!

Non-woven reusable wine bags are a fantastic way to promote your Customer Loyalty program. Don’t have one? Create a regular customer base with a rewards program by offering incentives for returning the bags to your store!