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Thinking of going green? Think ICEGREEN Reusable Wine Bags

ICEGREEN is a leading wholesale manufacturer of lead-free and washable wholesale reusable wine bags for businesses throughout North America and beyond. Innovators in reusable bag technology and applications, we are constantly pushing the envelope, finding new and exciting ways to help businesses reduce, reuse and recycle while helping them to remain profitable.

We use a variety of safe and durable materials to produce an unparalleled selection of eco-friendly wholesale reusable wine bags in any shape or size. Our wholesale wine bags can be made from recycled kraft paper, non-woven polypropylene, cotton, woven polypropylene – any material you choose.

All of our wholesale reusable wine bags are fully customized especially for you and are made to your required specifications, right down to the very last snap, zipper or pocket. If you want dividers that do not show stitching on the outside of the bag, we can help! If you prefer moveable dividers so that the bag can be used for other items or for larger bottles, we can help! We can manufacture and customize reusable bags for virtually any situation you can imagine. Find yours today.