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Product Number: ICE - HB 3 in 1

Handy Bag  3-in-1 Reusable Nylon Bags – easy to carry, hard to forget!


The Handy Bag 3-in-1 lets your customers go green – with all the benefits of reducing, reusing, and recycling – in a unique twist. Reusable bags are a great idea, but only if they’re on hand when you make a purchase. One of the adjustments customers have to make in switching to reusable bags lies in getting into the habit of having them handy when it comes time to buy. Our Handy Bag 3-in-1 makes it easy – so easy they’ll never forget their reusable bags again! This truly unique bag pod is a version of our single Handy Bag, containing 3 bags in the sewn-in pouch. It is another ideal solution for retail or grocery stores, encouraging the use of reusable bags while making them convenient for your customers to carry and store.

-The sewn-in pouch contains 3 full-size bags
– The pouch is securely sewn into one of the bags, so you never have to worry about losing it!
– No folding necessary
– Easy to use and easy to store

Bag dimensions are 43cmH x 40cmL x 11cm gusset. Available in a variety of material colours.
Our Signature Series is designed for retailers to sell to your customers, enabling you to offer them convenience with a range of unique value-added features.

– Made of lightweight yet durable and long lasting nylon or 100% recycled PET material
– Bags are machine washable, reusable and lead-free
– They can also be fully customized with your private label/logo
– Minimum order quantity 3000 pieces
– Please contact us for more details

By private labelling, you’ll help your customers shop green as they become a walking advertisement and endorsement for your brand. Along with the environmental benefits of reusable bags, they can be a part of your customer loyalty program – or a great way to start one. Offering special incentives for bringing the bags back to your store builds your customer relationships the green way.

Get To Know Us
IceGreen is one of the largest manufacturers of reusable, lead-free and machine washable nylon bags, serving a wide variety of businesses and industries both large and small (Beverage Companies, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Pharmaceuticals and much more) across North America and globally. And, as the wholesaler, you’re dealing directly with us, saving you time and money. Looking for the best in reusable nylon bags? Contact ICEGREEN today.