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If you’re looking for an inexpensive reusable bag, look no further than the machine-made reusable nonwoven t-shirt bags.

Inexpensive and environmentally friendly, reusable nonwoven t-shirt bags are the perfect solution to single-use plastic bags.

Made from nonwoven material by an automatic machine, these reusable bags are available in an assortment of colors (white, black and more) and different material weights.

We are now offering 2 styles of t-shirt bags!

The first style is the original design with the heat-sealed closure at the bottom of the bag:




And the second is the now-popular flat-bottomed bag – this bag has an actual flat bottom sealed into the material. Handle slits are optional.



Both styles sit the same when filled with product:


Also available in regular grocery-bag styles, and with optional lamination printing for full-colour or CMYK printing (matte or glossy finish available).


Minimum order 10,000 bags.


Reusable non-woven bags are also contaminant and lead-free and can be machine washed in cold water and line dried.

Reusable bags are a fantastic way to promote your Customer Loyalty program. Don’t have one? Create a regular customer base with a rewards program by offering incentives for bringing these bags back to your store!

Recyclable where facilities exist.


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