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The ICEGREEN line of wheeled recycle carts features a multi-purpose design for indoor and outdoor use. We’ve thought of everything to make the job easier, including wheels that roll effortlessly through grass, gravel and over other uneven surfaces. Multi-Purpose Recycle Carts include the Next Generation Carts, Multi Purpose Mini Carts and Multi Purpose Regular Carts.

The Next Generation Carts combine a single wall body with double wall box-style lip for greater durability and maximum impact resistance. The combination of poly core wheels and heavy duty casters ensure maximum roll ability and maneuverability.

– No sharp edges or corners.

– Easy to clean.

– Minimum 10% Recycled Content.

– Steel undercarriage is standard.

The Multi-Purpose Mini Reycle Cart is ideal for a variety of collection, transportation and storage applications, featuring tough, durable and functional construction features.

– 3″ all swivel Threadguard casters

– Plated steel undercarriage

The Multi-Purpose Regular Recycle Cart is very similar to its smaller relative, the Mini Cart, but offers great capacities for collection, transportation and storage systems.

– The 3″ all swivel Threadguard casters in a diamond pattern

– Treated plywood undercarriage

Please see Product Information PDF document for additional details, including product dimensions.

– Heavy Duty Recycle Carts Available.

– Please contact us for further information.

– Or call 1-800-335-8105 for a quote