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Collecting waste and recyclables together makes good sense when it optimizes time and effort spent. At ICEGREEN, we’ve come up with options to suit your indoor and outdoor recycling needs and budget equipped with handy features to make the job easier and encourage recycling overall.

The DUO recycling container is a great 2-in-1 bin which allows collectable waste and recycling to be combined in one convenient recycling container. With 2 removable 25-gallon liners, this bin can be customized to your specific needs with a variety of recycling labels. If your needs change, a new label can be added without the need to purchase a whole new bin. It’s a great solution where your needs may be seasonal or depend on other variables.

You’ll get high end quality at a reasonable price and an efficient system that makes indoor and outdoor waste and recycling collection easier.

– Comes complete with dagger lock.

– Heavy duty roto moulded in esthetically pleasing sandstone and premium colors including Granite Grey, Sandstone Green, Blue and others.

– Two removable plastic liners included

– Two sets of Recycling labels included to customize your DUO

– Meets and or exceeds 25% Recycled materials standard

– All hardware and hinges made of stainless steel

– Lockable


– 5″ casters (adds a total of 6″ to bin height)

– Stainless steel flaps for openings (set of 2)

– Please contact us for more details

– Or call 1-800-335-8105 for a quote