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With their sleek design and clear, easy to distinguish labeling system, ICEGREEN 16 Gallon Bullseye™ Colored Recycling Containers are your effective solution to encouraging customer recycling in high traffic areas.  Their simple exterior hides an attention to detail and clever features you’re sure to appreciate.

–    The bins feature a narrow profile, giving you the flexibility to place them in areas where normal-sized containers would not fit, and keeping them out of the way until needed
–    Choose from round or rectangular openings for paper, waste, cans and bottles
–    Optional labels available to customize intended contents

You pay attention to interior design as part of your business strategy, and so do we. Our premium recycling containers offer you convenient functionality with an eye to esthetics. The 16 Gallon Bullseye™ Recycling Containers are available in our premium colors, featuring classic neutral shades that will blend into any décor scheme.

–    Available in Sandstone or Granite Grey
–    Dimensions:  20.5″ x  11″ x  34″
–    Bag Size:  30” x 38″
–    Please contact us for more details
–    Or call 1-800-335-8105 for a quote