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Thinking of going green? Think ICEGREEN Recycling Carts, Parts & Maintenance

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of lead-free, washable and reusable bags for business, recycling bins, containers and other green products, ICEGREEN is an innovator in design and applications. We’re always on the lookout for new and cost effective ways to help businesses reduce, reuse and recycle, as you enhance your customers’ experience and encourage green practices in turn.

Nowadays, businesses are under more and more pressure to reduce, reuse and recycle, and cut costs too. Individuals face surcharges for “excess” garbage bags in many municipalities, making recycling at the source the only solution.

ICEGREEN makes a variety of recycling bins and containers designed for use in a number of different applications, including hotels, apartment and condominium complexes, restaurants, cafeterias and in office recycling programs. Small or large capacity, indoor or outdoor, occasional use or high traffic areas – we’ve got your solution for every scenario.

ICEGREEN recycling containers offer options to customize color, stamping and labeling, advertising your business as environmentally conscious and appealing to socially responsible consumers. Different businesses require different functionalities; ICEGREEN is your partner in recycling.