Brand Yourself green

Buying ICEGREEN can help you establish and spread your brand as it makes your business environmentally conscious and appeals to socially responsible consumers. We can customize our bags to promote your brand - not ours - and establish your business as a key contributor to green causes. To get your brand’s message just the way you want it, we offer an in-house design team to work through the process with you.

We don't just sell bags, we help you build programs.

Customizable Reusable Bags,
Packaging and More

In addition to customizing your brand on reusable bags, we offer a variety of materials, printing styles, custom sizes and, of course, types of bags. Different businesses require different functionalities from their reusable bags, so ICEGREEN offers every type of bag imaginable, from retail, to grocery, to dry-cleaning, to reusable produce bags, thermal bags, paper bags, eco-friendly poly bags, nylon bags.  Other products include reusable drink ware and a full line of recycling containers, parts and service.

Our Eco-Friendly Customers include:

Auto Dealerships


Cleaning Companies

Dental offices


Grocery stores (large and small)


Pharmaceutical companies

Pizza retailers





Special Events

Specialty Food Companies


Vitamin Suppliers


Wine Stores


And many more!

Evolve your business.

Go green with ICEGREEN today

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