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Tamper Evident Paper Bags – Made In Canada

NOW OFFERING – TAMPER EVIDENT BAGS! We have developed a way during the automated manufacturing process to add a two-sided tape to the inside patch of the bag. This allows the retailer or restaurant to seal the paper bag after packing each order and prior to handing the bag over to either the consumer or…

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Kraft Paper Bags – Made in Ontario, Canada

craft handle bag with folded handle picture

Icegreen now offers recycled Natural and White Twisted Handle Kraft Paper Bags, made in Ontario, Canada. We are among the industry leaders supplying recycled and eco-friendly paper bags to Canada and the U.S. By partnering with some of North America’s leading paper mills, we offer heavyweight recycled bags that are the perfect solution for quick-service…

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Paperless paper bags? Try reusable paper bags

Paper is made out of trees, which are a semi-sustainable material. Ideally, trees can be planted to replace those that are used in the paper making process. Even though they can be “put back”, paper can’t really be called an environmentally friendly material because harvesting trees does upset the ecosystem and displaces wildlife. Also, if…

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