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Tamper Evident Paper Bags – Made In Canada

NOW OFFERING – TAMPER EVIDENT BAGS! We have developed a way during the automated manufacturing process to add a two-sided tape to the inside patch of the bag. This allows the retailer or restaurant to seal the paper bag after packing each order and prior to handing the bag over to either the consumer or…

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Compostable Plastic Bags

Looking for a cost-effective way to manage the single-use plastic bag bags? The next generation of eco-friendly plastic bags – BPI certified Compostable T-Shirt Bags. No more single-use plastic and a great alternative to paper bags!     Our product is a Certified Compostable Bag – they are certified through Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and…

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Will you still use reusable bags if the plastic bag fee is cut?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said last month that the five cent fee for single-use plastic bags in the city could be gone by the end of the year. The five cent fee was initially implemented to persuade shoppers to make the switch to more environmentally friendly reusable bags. The bylaw has been in place since…

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