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Meet your new solution to single-use plastic bags

Introducing our latest earth-friendly packaging innovation Economically priced and environmentally friendly substitute to plastic bags. More cost effective than traditionally sewn reusable tote bags. A perfect solution for municipal plastic bag bans.  Strong and Durable, constructed with machine heat-sealed seams creating optimized strength and significant savings.  Custom screen printed with your logo or artwork and…

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Lululemon and Reusable Bag Branding

lululemon bags

By David Lawson,Icegreen Inc.   Are you branding as well as Lululemon, the Vancouver-based maker of trendy yoga and running wear? Theirs is a great example of how smart for the environment can definitely mean smart for business too. You’d have to be pretty far removed from any media or pop culture references not to…

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Microbeads are a sign of our plastic consumer madness

  How much are whiter teeth and smoother skin worth to you? Are they worth the water and fish in the Great Lakes? The cormorants that nest along the shore? The coral reefs that provide refuge and habitat for so much ocean life? Are they worth the oceans that give us half the oxygen we…

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Reusable Bags Are Cool Again

Confidence in reusable bags was shaken slightly last year, when a couple of studies conducted on reusable bags found that some contain nasty bacteria and even heavy metals such as lead. The first was conducted on behalf of the folks who make plastic bags and the other was conducted by the Center for Consumer Freedom,…

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