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Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags In Grocery Stores

Hawaii is the first US state to ban plastic bags from being distributed at grocery store checkouts. Like France, the state of Hawaii (US) seems intent on leading the rest of the world into a sustainable era. Recently news was shared of its plans to transform old buses into homeless shelters, and now the Huffington…

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Plastic Bags Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

We’ve heard it so many times many of us have simply zoned out and become numb. “We need to protect the environment before we completely destroy the earth. Let’s be more resourceful. Let’s recycle. Let’s stop using products that deplete the ozone and contaminate the earth, the air and the oceans.” Great sentiments and most…

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The Eco Benefits of Custom Eco Packaging

Consumer packaging produces millions of tons of waste every year and savvy modern companies are taking steps to reduce that toll by using custom eco-packaging. International athletic wear manufacturer PUMA took nearly two years to come up with their “clever little bag” design that replaced the iconic red shoebox. The new packaging concept saves tons…

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Non-Woven Reusable Bags…Toronto's Answer to the Plastic Bag Ban

Toronto, Canada recently became the largest municipality to ban plastic shopping bags from grocery and shopping markets earlier this year. As the ban date of January 1, 2013 gets closer and closer, retailers are scrambling to find viable alternatives. Many retailers already offer some type of reusable bag for sale or use them as promotional…

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Introducing The Non-Woven Reusable T-Shirt Bag from ICEGREEN Reusable Bags

At ICEGREEN, we’re constantly coming up with new and innovative solutions to consumer packaging issues. Let us introduce you to our latest product: the Non-Woven Reusable T-shirt Bag. With our Non-Woven Reusable T-shirt Bags, you can create a traveling advertisement  customized for your business that’s inexpensive and environmentally friendly too. Now you can offer your…

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