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3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Lunch Fresh & Cool

Insulated Lunch Bags by icegreen canada

We all know how plastic bags are ruining the environment. Even then, an average American uses six plastic bags per week. Can’t we do anything about it? Is it so unavoidable? The answer to these questions is simple – switch to reusable bags.

Reusable bags can be used for a very long time

Typically hundreds or thousands of time before they wear out. You can use them instead of using disposable plastic shopping bags. Reusable insulated lunch bags are also available which not only help you carry your lunch, but also keep your food insulated.
Whether we want to pack our lunchbox or our kid’s, we use plastic bags to carry them. Using these reusable bags will help you protect the environment and keep your food safe too.


Here are some of the tips that will help you keep your lunch cool.

  1. Pack your lunch in an insulated/thermal lunch bags. They keep your food at the right temperature. These bags are made up of materials that are non-toxic and are specially designed for this purpose. Apart from using thermal bags, also use insulated food containers.
  2. You can keep a small ice pack with your lunch box. This will keep the temperature of the food cool for a very long time. You should remember to keep the ice pack back into the freezer compartment when you bring your lunch box home. If you don’t want to use an ice pack, you can use frozen water bottle too so you will not need to carry the extra weight of the ice pack to and from your workplace.Keep your containers in the freezer an hour before you start packing your lunch. Also, as soon as you are done
  3. Keep your containers in the freezer an hour before you start packing your lunch. Also, as soon as you are done packing, place the container back in the fridge before you leave.

Reusable bags should be washed regularly. Just the way you wash your kitchen towels and other clothes, you can wash these bags in a machine. This will keep the bag neat and clean, and will always look as good as new. Also, if you wash the bag, it will remain hygienic and safe for use for long period of time.

One more reason why Reusable Bags are better than disposable bags is, they are durable and tough. They keep the items that they carry safe and secure. This increases the life of your lunch box. Disposable plastic bags get ripped and torn easily and do not absorb any shock if dropped accidentally.

It is important that we take responsibility of saving our environment and start using eco-friendly reusable bags instead of disposable plastic bags.