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Reusable Bags: For So Much More Than Your Everyday Grocery Shopping

When people think of reusable bags, they usually picture snappy reusable canvas or polypropylene bags with custom images or logos on the side, perfect for grocery shopping and other household uses.

But there’s a lot more out there than just reusable shopping bags. Reusable bags can be used for transporting just about anything, including food items that have to remain hot or cold.

Reusable thermal bags can be used to keep food items hot or cold, whether in your store as a part of everyday business to transport food to customers, or used by customers to bring hot or cold food home.

Insulated bags are another reusable bag that can help you kick your brown paper lunch bags to the curb. Brown paper bags can be reused until they get wet, and then they’re just thrown away. They can’t keep food hot or cold until lunch time like insulated lunch bags can, though.

Reusable produce bags can help take everyday grocery shopping one step further. With all the focus on reusable shopping bags, many people forget the flimsy plastic produce bags left in the cart and blowing around the parking lot. Reusable produce bags can be another source of income for the store, selling them in the produce aisle, and another way to cut down on waste.

If you think reusable bags can’t do anything for your business, think again. Not only can they be custom branded with your own logo or design, they can be sold or given away as prizes or rewards. No matter what the type, reusable bags can help you and your business go green.

Looking for ways for your business to reduce, reuse and recycle?  If so, contact ICEGREEN today.  We can help.

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