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Paperless paper bags? Try reusable paper bags

Paper is made out of trees, which are a semi-sustainable material. Ideally, trees can be planted to replace those that are used in the paper making process. Even though they can be “put back”, paper can’t really be called an environmentally friendly material because harvesting trees does upset the ecosystem and displaces wildlife. Also, if you’ve ever driven by a paper mill you’ll know that using up trees is not paper’s only offense. Paper mills give off a noxious smell because of the toxic chemicals used to make paper, like sulfides and ammonia. These chemicals are needed to neutralize the acids naturally present in wood, but that’s not all – the paper is then bleached.   Even recycled paper requires the use of some trees, thousands of gallons of water and creates waste. Stone paper is a biodegradable material that is created using zero gallons of water, absolutely no trees, creates no waste and doesn’t need to be bleached.

The stone paper-making process also uses about half the energy that regular paper production uses.   Stone paper is composed mostly of calcium carbonate, one of the most common materials on the planet that is found all over the world and is also what pearls, seashells and eggshells are made of.

The resulting stone paper material looks and feels like a paper bag but is a stronger reusable bag that is also better for the environment. Stone paper is well-suited to printing, just like paper bags and is quickly becoming popular as a material for making business cards, inkjet paper and replacing high-end paper shopping bags.

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