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New Email Platform For Icegreen Packaging

Icegreen Recycles its Email System with Google Apps for Business

International eco-champion Icegreen is a Canadian-owned manufacturer and distributor of “green,” reusable bags. The company is the brainchild of Icegreen’s president, David Lawson. Lawson is passionate about recycling and founded Icegreen to help businesses switch from traditional packaging to green, recyclable packaging products. To that end, Icegreen manufactures custom-printed, reusable shopping bags and other green packaging for corporate clients, using recycled materials such as cotton, bamboo and paper. Lawson and his employees pride themselves on Icegreen’s eco-friendly ethos, its attentive customer service and its competitive prices. Since its founding, Icegreen has become the fastest-growing manufacturer and wholesaler of reusable bags in North America.

But even though Lawson and his staff were passionate about reducing waste, they were wasting their own valuable time on a cumbersome, big-name desktop software package and outdated POP email. Icegreen’s growing popularity meant that the company received lots of emails, and its old email system made it necessary to archive old messages, to free up the space to receive new ones. Not surprisingly, the staff found that necessity time-consuming and irritating. As a result, they tended to put off the annoying task, and the emails just piled up, bogging the program down and making it maddeningly slow. Opening emails became a daily frustration at Icegreen. When Lawson and his team were away from the office, they also found that the software didn’t show their old email messages on their portable devices, though they sometimes needed to access them while on the road.

“Google Apps improved our productivity by 10 percent. It’s very accessible, we can get email from any computer, and it saves us lots of time when we’re mobile.”

– Icegreen President David Lawson

But worst of all, for the Icegreen team, was that its cumbersome email program threatened to slow its customer service — and for a company that prided itself on excellent customer service, that was simply unacceptable. Icegreen needed an email service that allowed its staff to store and access a huge number of both new and old emails without slowing down. And because they often travel, Lawson and his team also needed a portable application that could be synchronized across a variety of devices. They needed an application that they could access anywhere, anytime — a fast, flexible email solution.

With the help of their IT Consultant and Google Apps Authorized Reseller, DigitalFire, Icegreen turned to Google Apps for Business, a suite of cloud-based productivity applications. Google Apps offered Icegreen a full range of fast, flexible office productivity tools with near limitless storage space: Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and even online video meeting capability. Lawson and his team especially liked that Google’s Gmail app offered them 25GB of email storage per user – meaning that no matter how fast the business grew, or how many emails they received, they would never again have to waste time archiving or deleting old emails to free up space. And because Gmail is a cloud-based application, it’s accessible from all of their devices, freeing Icegreen’s employees to serve its customers from wherever they happen to be. They can also access all of their emails while they’re on the go – not just their new ones.

“Google Apps improved our productivity by 10 percent,” Lawson explains. “It’s very accessible, we can get email from any computer, and it saves us lots of time when we’re mobile.”

Google App’s other conveniences also make it easy for the Icegreen team to collaborate on projects, because they can all access and make changes to shared documents uploaded to the cloud. They can communicate not just by email, but also via video chat. They can sync the Google calendar with the built-in calendars on their other devices, such as smart phones. They can have event reminders sent to their email inbox or mobile phone, or even install a time-saving widget on the calendar that shows which of their associates are available for a call, and which are busy!

Since Icegreen switched to Google Apps, its excellent customer service is faster than ever, and the team at Icegreen can stop saving emails and return to their company’s mission – helping the corporate world go green! As Lawson concludes, “I would tell everyone it is worth switching to Google Apps.”

“I would tell everyone it is worth switching to Google Apps.”

– Icegreen President David Lawson

Icegreen Recycles its Email System with Google Apps for Business
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