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More People Making Reusable Bags A Part Of Their Routine

Reusable bags are getting an increasingly favourable reception from more and more shoppers who are taking the time to keep them on hand for their shopping trips.

A recent article in the Miami Herald reported that shoppers are making an effort to keep them in their cars for everyday grocery shopping, and most shoppers seem to keep an average of 15 reusable bags available at all times.

Even the latest unfavourable reports put forth by the plastics industry on issues with reusable bags didn’t faze shoppers. For example, it’s been said that a reusable bag must be used 11 times before it equals the environmental impact of a single-use plastic bag because of the manufacturing process. But in reality, that’s less than once per month and most shoppers are using these bags every chance they get.

“Eleven times doesn’t sound too intimidating,” lifestyle editor at Sierra Club Magazine Avital Binshtock told the Miami Herald, “If you think about how many times you go to the grocery store in a year – 11 times is manageable. If the bag is in good shape, you can keep them for years.” This data also doesn’t take into account the environmental impact single-use plastic bags have at the end of their life, clogging up storm drains and being eaten by wildlife in our oceans, rivers and lakes.

The other issue is that reusable bags can harbour bacteria, but so can plastic bags – and plastic bags cannot be washed. Reusable bags are machine washable, and should be washed about once per month.

“I’ve been using reusable bags before it was the ‘in’ thing,” artist Stefanie Marco told the Miami Herald. “Doorknobs are bad. If they get dirty, wash them.”

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