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Lululemon Bags and Reusable Bag Branding

lululemon bags

By David Lawson,Icegreen Inc.

Are you branding as well as Lululemon, the Vancouver-based maker of trendy yoga and running wear?

Lululemon bags are a great example of how smart for the environment can definitely mean smart for business too. You’d have to be pretty far removed from any media or pop culture references not to have heard of Vancouver’s Lululemon, the Canadian yoga wear phenomenon. Building environmentally sound practices into those remarkably successful branding strategies has included an extensive use of reusable bags.

The company has used a series of designs based around their iconic logo in various colours, including black and white and the red versions they’re perhaps best known for. Occasionally, they’ll also feature yoga inspired graphics.

Lululemon offers the reusable bags – which they call ‘shoppers’ – in a variety of sizes and formats, including shopping bags, gym bags and reusable lunch bags. Every shopper is offered a reusable bag, creating thousands of moving billboards that keep the brand name in the public eye.

The bags have become synonymous with Lululemon and in fact have developed a resale market all of their own, with ebay listings that typically range from $0.99 to $12 each.

It’s a highly effective strategy that puts their brand name in general public view and on consumer’s minds. It associates the brand with the kind of environmentally conscious lifestyle their customers identify with. The cost of the bags pays dividends when it comes to brand name recognition.

We have many potential customers contact us asking us to design a bag in the same size, and material specifications as the Lululemon bags.

Municipalities may or may not have an official ban on plastic bags, but the fact is that many consumers are already in the habit of using reusable shopping bags and savvy retailers understand that offering reusable bags makes good business sense.
• You’re connecting with young, progressive and socially conscious consumers
• They’re taking your branded reusable shopping bag – and your name and logo – all over town

ICEGREEN Solutions

At ICEGREEN, we can offer you multiple reusable bag solutions from simple shopping totes to customizable multi-pocket specialty bags and more. We offer a range of colour choices and can customize designs with your logo and brand name.

As one of North America’s “fastest growing” manufacturers of contaminant-free and lead-free bags and other products, ICEGREEN carries a wide-variety of customizable, stylish and commercially viable packaging options for B2C, B2B and Non-Profit customers large and small, including:
• Reusable bags for retail, groceries or promotions
• Customizable Reusable bags for branding
• Thermal bags
• Paper bags
• Eco-friendly poly bags
• Nylon bags
• Tree-free stone paper bags
• Eco-jewellery packaging & gift boxes
• Recycled gift wrap
• Eco-friendly plain tissue paper
• And more…

Contact us today to find out more about reusable bags. Your customers will love them – and so will you!
Evolve your business. Go green with ICEGREEN today.

About Us

We manufacture and distribute a variety of innovative and environmentally responsible solutions that make sense for businesses and consumers alike. These include custom printed reusable bags, thermal bags, paper bags, eco-friendly poly bags, nylon bags, and tree-free stone paper bags. We also offer eco-jewellery packaging & gift boxes, recycled gift wrap, and eco-friendly plain tissue paper. Our products are made from a wide range of materials including cotton, bamboo, recycled PET, FSC-certified Kraft paper and many others. Most of our materials used contain recycled content and are recyclable as well.

Supplying Custom Reusable Bags and other packaging across Canada including: Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, British Columbia, Vancouver, Manitoba, Winnipeg, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Halifax, Ontario, Toronto, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Regina, Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, Nunavut, Iqaluit, Yukon, Whitehorse. In fact, we can ship to the U.S. and worldwide.