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Introducing The Non-Woven Reusable T-Shirt Bag from ICEGREEN Reusable Bags

At ICEGREEN, we’re constantly coming up with new and innovative solutions to consumer packaging issues. Let us introduce you to our latest product: the Non-Woven Reusable T-shirt Bag.

With our Non-Woven Reusable T-shirt Bags, you can create a traveling advertisement  customized for your business that’s inexpensive and environmentally friendly too. Now you can offer your customers a reusable non-woven bag with a difference that you’ll appreciate.
• The bags are machine made – not hand sewn – reducing costs to much less than that of conventional reusable bags.
• They’re durable, made of heavy duty non-woven PP material (a fabric).
• They’re both reusable and recyclable.
• They’re machine washable.

• The non-woven reusable bags come in a variety of colours and may be customized with your brand or logo.

Reusable Non-Woven T-shirt Bags can be used for a variety of purposes, including promotions and everyday shopping use as an excellent and cost efficient alternative to poly or plastic bags.

Your customers will love them – and so will you!

The clear trend across Canada and North America leans towards more environmentally responsible packaging, and retailers who can offer their own reusable bags are appealing to environmentally conscious consumers even as the bags provide increased brand exposure and promotional benefits beyond your store’s walls.

Looking for the best in Non-Woven Reusable Bags and reusable paper bags? Contact us today for a pressure-free quote. We can help.

Get to know us:

ICEGREEN is one of the largest manufacturers of non-woven reusable bags and paper bags around, serving a wide variety of businesses and industries both large and small (Grocery, Retail, Restaurant Chains and much more) across Canada, North America and beyond. And, as the manufacturer, you’re dealing directly with us, saving you time and money.