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Innovative uses for reusable bags: Nutrition Month in Canada

March is Nutrition Month in Canada, and the Porcupine Health Unit in Timmins, Ontario has come up with an interesting approach to make healthy eating and grocery shopping easier for shoppers who use reusable bags.

Normally, the health unit offers guided tours of grocery stores to educate and inform shoppers on healthy food choices, but for Nutrition Month the unit has taken it one step further by including helpful graphics on reusable bags.   The reusable bags are a free giveaway item to people who take the tours, and they have a large chart printed on them that helps shoppers decode the nutrition facts on various food products, explaining what percentages of nutrients are too much, too little and how much fiber, calcium, iron and vitamin A to shoot for.

This use of customized reusable bags is a great way to help keep shoppers informed, because the reusable bags are convenient and always at the ready in the grocery cart.   A dietician for the health unit told The Daily Press that, “we really want to make people aware of what they are putting in their carts.”  “We’re making people aware that ideally you want to be looking at the nutritional facts table to make the healthiest choices possible,” she said.

Not only are people who use these reusable bags going to be making healthier food choices, but lead-free and machine washable reusable bags help keep the ecosystem healthy by preventing plastic bags from going to landfills.   Reusable bags can be a great form of advertising media for any organization looking to get more support for a cause or even offer useful tools for shoppers like the nutrition facts graphic.

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