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IceGreen Introduces Reusable Pizza Bags

When pizza comes to your door, the taste and temperature should be like it’s right out of the oven. Nearly an impossible feat – unless you have a reusable pizza bag. IceGreen is excited to announce our new reusable pizza bags, made of non-woven polypropylene material with a fold over flap and secure Velcro to keep the pizza out-of-the-oven hot – but never soggy, because they allow for excess moisture and steam to be released.
Reusable pizza bags for business marketing increase your business’s visible branding: IceGreen’s reusable pizza bags are completely customizable with any logo or design, and the price is right -allowing you to offer them as giveaway items, sell them in your store and offer discounts to customers who bring your their reusable bags back on a walk-in order.
Don’t just think regular pizza, either: our reusable pizza bags can be customized to suit any sized take-out food container, delivery item or pizza box size. They’re completely machine washable and the material used also prevents spills, keeping the backseat of your car neat and tidy. Your customers will love our reusable pizza bags. They can use them to transport their own hot food home from your store or from the grocery store after you’ve given them away or sold them as a promotional item. In return, they’ll always have your store’s name and phone number right in front of them when they get hungry.
Looking for ways for your business to reduce, reuse and recycle? If so, contact ICEGREEN today. We can help.
About ICEGREEN: IceGreen is one of the largest manufacturers of lead-free and washable reusable bags, serving a wide variety of businesses and industries both large and small (Beverage Companies, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Pharmaceuticals and much more) across North America and globally. And, as the manufacturer, you’re dealing directly with us, saving you time and money. Looking for the best in reusable bags and packaging? Contact ICEGREEN today.