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IceGreen Announces Reusable Newspaper Bags

Reusable Newspaper Bag

Reusable Newspaper Bag

IceGreen Reusable Bags and Packaging Products is announcing our newest green product: the reusable newspaper bag.

In most neighbourhoods, that flimsy, throw-away plastic bag is all that stands between your morning newspaper and a mud puddle. Unlike their informative and recyclable contents, plastic newspaper bags aren’t useful for anything else once they’re done hanging your newspaper to your doorknob. And, like most plastic bags, they’ll be headed straight for the garbage – and landfill – sooner rather than later.

IceGreen reusable newspaper bags are made of non-woven polypropylene, providing your newspaper with serious protection using at least 30% recycled materials. And as with all of our products, the IceGreen reusable newspaper bag is completely lead-free and machine washable.   They are safe, reusable and can be customized with your own logo, slogan or design.

If you’re looking for another way to get more exposure for your business, reusable newspaper bags are the way to go. If you’re a newspaper publisher, you’ll never hear another complaint about someone’s paper being too wet to read again. If you’re a hotel chain or other business that regularly distributes newspapers and magazines to your guests, these bags can be given to customers during their trip and kept later as a souvenir.   Whether used to house newspapers and magazines or as a free giveaway item, they’ll highlight your business’s green commitments – impressing your customers and continuing to help you showcase your brand with their new bags long after they leave.

Looking for a way to reduce, reuse and recycle?  If so, contact ICEGREEN today.  We can help.

IceGreen is one of the largest manufacturers of lead-free and contaminant-free reusable bags, serving a wide variety of businesses and industries both large and small (Beverage Companies, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Pharmaceuticals and much more)  across North America and globally.  And, as the manufacturer, you’re dealing directly with us, saving you time and money.  Looking for the best in reusable

bags and recycling products?  Contact ICEGREEN today.