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Compostable Plastic Bags

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Looking for a cost-effective way to manage the single-use plastic bag bags?

The next generation of eco-friendly plastic bags – BPI certified Compostable T-Shirt Bags. No more single-use plastic and a great alternative to paper bags!


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Our product is a Certified Compostable Bag – they are certified through Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and the Canadian equivalent BNQ.  Both of these companies and certifications are 3rd party that are recognized in the Industry. They perform tests in a Commercial Composting Facility to ensure

1. they break down in a specific amount of time (usually 45 to 60 days)

2. they are safe for the environment, and

3. once they have broken down, the biomass (compost) is safe for plant re-growth.

If a bag does not carry these certifications, there is a reason for it – bags that fail these tests can be called biodegradable “capable of being decomposed”.  Almost every item on this planet will decompose, but how long will it take? And will it decompose safely? Will there be any traces of it and what are the implications of these traces?   Unfortunately, the Industry sees many of these items – we call this Green Washing. It gives people that warm and fuzzy feeling as they believe they are doing something good for the environment, when in fact, they just don’t have all of the information to make an intelligent decision.  Always look for the Certifications on the bag.

Plastic Bags claiming to be Biodegradable are typically produced by adding chemicals to their batches of plastic so that they break down when exposed to Oxygen or Sunlight.  Problem with this technology is that they break down into micro-plastics that wildlife such as birds and fish consume.  Additionally, the chemicals that have broken down the bags, are now in the soil and can seep into our water supply.

Our compostable t-shirt bags take away the need for an additional green bin liner, so they are dual purpose.