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A Thermal Bag to Store Your Food and More for Picnics

A picnic bag is a must if you have food items to be kept cool for an outdoor meal. Although attractive woven baskets have been in use for a long period of time, they don’t have the provision of keeping food items cool; there is a shortage of storage space as well. Thermal bags are becoming increasingly more…

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Retailers push reusable bags to save money, environment

When Katrina Gamble goes grocery shopping, she brings her list and her bags — a pair of sturdy canvas bags she bought a few months ago for $4.99 at her local grocery store. “It works just as well,” said Gamble, 30, a political science professor at Brown University, adding, “It’s better for the environment.” A…

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Reusable Thermal Bags and the Waste Free Lunch

How do you put together a waste free lunch? It starts with a good reusable lunch bag, and a way of keeping food items at just the right temperature so your lunch can go to school, the office, or anywhere else and still taste great. Reusable thermal bags and insulated lunch bags are the perfect solution to both issues. They’ll keep hot foods hot, and cold foods cold until it’s time to eat, and lend themselves to situations where a fridge or microwave might not be available. Reusable bags are typically waterproof too, making them weatherproof for that trek to school or office commute.

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