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CASE STUDY – Province Of Yukon

The Province Of Yukon was looking for a solution to encourage local residents to decrease the usage of single-use plastic bags, and to replace them with a reusable bag made from recycled materials. Less than 9% of plastic is recycled in Canada. Millions of plastic bags are being found in local area lakes, rivers and the…

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Kraft Paper Bags – Made in Ontario, Canada

craft handle bag with folded handle picture

Icegreen now offers recycled Natural and White Twisted Handle Kraft Paper Bags, made in Ontario, Canada. We are among the industry leaders supplying recycled and eco-friendly paper bags to Canada and the U.S. By partnering with some of North America’s leading paper mills, we offer heavyweight recycled bags that are the perfect solution for quick-service…

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Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags In Grocery Stores

Hawaii is the first US state to ban plastic bags from being distributed at grocery store checkouts. Like France, the state of Hawaii (US) seems intent on leading the rest of the world into a sustainable era. Recently news was shared of its plans to transform old buses into homeless shelters, and now the Huffington…

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Microbeads are a sign of our plastic consumer madness

  How much are whiter teeth and smoother skin worth to you? Are they worth the water and fish in the Great Lakes? The cormorants that nest along the shore? The coral reefs that provide refuge and habitat for so much ocean life? Are they worth the oceans that give us half the oxygen we…

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Plastic Bags Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

We’ve heard it so many times many of us have simply zoned out and become numb. “We need to protect the environment before we completely destroy the earth. Let’s be more resourceful. Let’s recycle. Let’s stop using products that deplete the ozone and contaminate the earth, the air and the oceans.” Great sentiments and most…

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Stop Being a Bag Lady (or Bag Guy)

A national newspaper columnist wrote that “banning plastic bags will do exactly nothing to save the planet.” She went on to argue that they’re even environmentally friendly. Outright bans may not be the best solution, but plastic bags pose a big problem that must be addressed. The columnist appeared to be more interested in contrarianism…

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