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Are the green products we buy truly "green"?

Reusable Bag

Reusable Bag

At the end of October this year, the Federal Court of Australia ruled that a plastic bag company had been misleading consumers, saying that their bags were biodegradable and compostable when in fact, they weren’t.   Along with this, they were found to contain a dangerous heavy metal (some of the more commonly known toxic heavy metals are lead and cadmium), which would make it a pretty bad idea to bury or compost them because the heavy metal would leach into the soil.

The Biodegradable Products Institute, which maintains and promotes international standards for biodegradable products praised the finding, saying, “We are glad to see that manufacturer’s unsupported claims are recognized as misleading. We hope to see more of this in the future, in response to the growing number of these claims around the globe.”

Unfortunately, many green products and services are not truly “green”. The sudden popularity of green products has led to companies trying to cash in on eco-conscious consumers, leading to the process of “greenwashing”: fake and misleading “green” products or services. In Canada, there are few standards in place when it comes to regulating green products and services. So, it is up to businesses to responsibly avoid greenwashing themselves and for consumers to look for the EcoLogo, Green Seal and/or is a 1% Percent For The Planet member (a global alliance of businesses pooling their resources to protect the Earth) when they choose green products.

The EcoLogo by Canada’s Environmental Choice Program is also proof that a product or service has gone through a rigorous certification program that identifies environmentally “preferable” products.  The Green Seal tests and evaluates not only products themselves, but the manufacturing process at all stages including how the material is eventually disposed of or recycled.

The Compostable Logo by the Biodegradable Products Institute is used only on products that will biodegrade within an acceptable time limit and not leave behind any dangerous or toxic residues.

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